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5 x 10 - 100 SQ.FT
5 x 12 - 120 SQ.FT

Holds up to a 1 bedroom apartment without major appliances.


10 x 10 - 100 SQ.FT

Holds up to a 2 bedroom apartment without major appliances.


10 x 20 - 200 SQ.FT
12 x 20 - 220 SQ.FT

This unit is the size of a standard 1-Car garage. It will hold the contents of a 3-bedroom house or apartment.

Lac La Biche Self Storage has your storage needs for all types of collectors


Your Wife wants the Garage Back. Keep her happy! Lac La Biche Self storage has large units perfect for your classic car or truck!


No one wants to see your scary doll collection

At Lac La Biche Self storage we understand that life takes up a lot of space

  • So When your Daughter has too many clothes…

  • Your Son has too much sports equipment…

  • The family has too much camping gear…

  • Have nowhere to put the kneeboard…

We have the storage solutions for you!

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